A role-model for private banking, following Italy’s top banking tradition.

Associazione Italiana Banche Estere - Milano
Banca Cambiano 1884 - Firenze
Banca del Fucino - Roma
Banca del Piemonte - Torino
Banca Consulia - Milano
Banca del Sud - Napoli
Banca di Sconto e c/c di S.M.C. Vetere - S. Maria Capua Vetere
Banca Finint - Conegliano
Banca Finnat - Roma
Banca Galileo - Milano
Banca Generali - Trieste
Banca Ifis - Venezia
Banca Macerata - Macerata
Banca Mediolanum - Milano
Banca Passadore & C. - Genova
Banca Privata Leasing - Reggio Emilia
Banca Profilo - Milano
Banca Reale - Torino
Banca Sella Holding - Biella
Banca Sistema - Milano
Banca Stabiese - Castellamare di Stabia
Banco delle Tre Venezie - Padova
BFF Bank - Milano
Banco di Credito P. Azzoaglio - Ceva
Banco di Desio e della Brianza - Desio
Cassa Lombarda -Milano
Credito Emiliano - Reggio Emilia
FinecoBank - Milano
Credito Fondiario - Roma
Illimity Bank - Milano
Imprebanca - Roma
Prader Bank - Bolzano
Solution Bank - Forlì
Sudtirol Bank - Bolzano
ViviBanca - Torino

Pri.Banks is the Association of Italian Private Banks, founded in 1954 under the name Assbank. We’ve been working on uniting bankers with private banks since then, even more so after the Amato law reform of 1990.
Today Pri.Banks sets the standard for banking companies with a solid ownership structure, often built on family legacies but with a managerial approach and a strong control over operational management.

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Our values

  • Innovation
  • Solidity
  • Social responsability
  • Connection to the territory
  • Corporate culture
  • Customer-oriented approach

Associate Banks

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Experiences compared

Agorà Pri.Banls

Agorà Pri.Banks meetings offer a chance to the members of the association to exchange views and gain in-depth knowledge on banking-related topics brought up by participants.
This initiative embodies the Association’s intention to be a catalyst of the banking culture, in full respect of the principle of free competition among the associate banks, which still remains the core of the association’s mission.

ACRI Pri.Banks


Pri.Banks and Acri oorganize a yearly conference

Pri.Banks and Acri have been organising conferences on a yearly basis since 2001. The conferences have focused on management and strategy-related topics that are relevant for private banks, and were designed for Presidents, CEOs, Managing Directors and executives of the Associate banks. The conferences take place over a Friday afternoon and the following Saturday morning, and strive to achieve stronger knowledge and connections at both a professional and a personal level among the representatives of the associate banks.

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